October 11, 2009

Monday Artday - Fire
digital painting

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!!!
I hope the pumpkin pie maker in your family will have better luck than my dear friend in the picture.

Many, many thanks for your comments!!! I love getting them.
Many, many thanks for following my blog and your support.
Many, many thanks for being part of bloggerland.
And many, many big and loving thanks for your inspiration, and for sharing your amazing work and creativity with the world.


Asja said...

great work! she kind of reminds me of me in the kitchen :)

Lisa Graves said...

I've been looking at your blog and website- LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. Amazing!!

Gregory Falta said...

Love your style, very impressed that your digital and traditional pieces display the same high quality. Great stuff, I look forward to seeing more.

mike r. baker said...

Incredible work! Love the fish-eye effect you use.

rmsmi said...

I love this illustration!