November 06, 2009

TV sketches
from my sketchbook

Fresh from the scanner! I call them TV sketches because I usually do them while watching TV. Here is the story, we have no cable, so we are stuck with three channels. (Image clearness on 3 is 75%, 5 is 85% and 8 is 50%.) Yeah, we have one of those rabbit ears TV antennas that we have to fight against once in a while if accidentally moved. So shifting channels during commercial breaks is not an option, and some shows can get a bit boring at times. My solution, keeping one of my sketchbooks close by. The results vary but the fun never ends... sometimes not even when commercial breaks are over.


Cintia Yamane said...

O loved your work, that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

wow, you really drew them while watching tv? it is great! I love the patterns-really cool.

Welles Tan said...

You are very creative and talented! Nice and cute drawing!