May 29, 2010


submission - translation
digital painting

One good thing about a rejection is that I get to share it! I created this piece for an open call for a magazine here in British Columbia (oh, yes, I forgot to mention I'm spending the summer in Vancouver.) Got my email saying "no" which is very kind of them, since replying to all the submission is a time consuming task.

Hope you like it! I still like it a lot.
Thanks for visiting and your comments.


gonzalexx said...

I think its extremely well done, and in good taste too. I'm sure they saw tongues intertwined and even though it looks fine, interpolated to into other topics they might have thought not appropriate with whatever their purpose was. I don't care, I think its cool.. my eyes were mostly drawn to the tree structure/theme, thinking growth and synergy. Oh well.. their loss! Great piece!

Michelle Kondrich said...

I think it's fantastic! Don't worry about the rejection - it happens to everyone. I'm just getting ready to send out postcards and I'm trying to prepare myself to deal with a bit of rejection as well. Keep up the great work!

Eric Barclay said...

I do like it! Rejections stink... sorry it didn't make the cut. It's a really outstanding piece, and I love the muted palette.

Lisa Graves said...

this is the best rejection I've seen in a long time!! lol.