January 05, 2012

ProSite - my review, just saying

ProSite - product/service review
just saying

Today, I would like to share with you my experience with one of Behance products, ProSite. Please note that these comments are solemnly based on my own experience and my own opinion.

I love it and completely recommend it. It is an easy, stress-free way to have a professional looking portfolio without worrying about coding. All for $11/month, and if you ask me, that's money well spent! 

I started thinking about using a portfolio-based service for having my website to make my life easier. In the past, I had coded my own website and it'd always been a lengthy process (and some times frustrating, I must add.) Especially since I am not web designer and every time I wanted to redo my website I had to re-acquaintance myself with HTML, CSS and the like. My website was in serious need of an update and time wasn't on my side. After looking to different options I chose the somehow new Behance product: Prosite.

If you are not familiar with Behance, it is an online platform for creative professionals that I highly recommend you join. It is a nice and progressive creative community that could be of advantage for your career. Within their range of products and services you will find ProSite, "a revolutionary new way to build, host, and manage your personal portfolio website." (taken from Behance.com) And indeed it is revolutionary since it offers an easy way not only to create your website, but to manage it and keep it  up to date with your latest work. It synchronizes with your Behance Network account, which means every time you create a new project, you can make it part of your portfolio right away. And that guaranties having a portfolio as current as it could be. With the possibility of having your own domain and a user-friendly interface, you can customized your website to look professional without loosing your personal style. It will be a reflection of who you are and the type of work you produce.

Like most things in life, there have to be the "buts". In this case, I found two.
1. At the time I joined, they did not offer the possibility of having a personalized email account matching your domain. That made me stay with my old and good hosting provider, ehosting.ca and a package that gives me my beloved @littlemissmachete.ca email accounts. Then, I just linked my domain with my ProSite and voilà
2. Although they have the great advantage of Google Analytics, I wanted to add the counter service, Statcounter, I have been using for years. Unfortunately, that's not possible yet. However, I have to say that I contacted ProSite regarding this issue and they promptly responded. Thumbs up for customer service!

If you are thinking of revamping your portfolio website I recommend you think ProSite. I did it, and I am very pleased with the results, judge for yourself: littlemissmachete.ca 


Websites mentioned:
Behance Network: www.Behance.com
Prosite: Prosite.com
ehosting: ehosting.ca
StatCounter: Statcounter.com
visit www.littlemissmachete.ca to see my work

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Juana Martinez-Neal said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this! Big help for those of us wondering about Prosite. Fast and easy is always my way to go when it comes to web updates.