August 23, 2012

The Toronto Walk Project

details of photos by photographers of The Toronto Walk Project: 
Valentino Visentini - Daniel Ablan - Patrick T. Lo - Melanie Hillock - Yasmin Benhan 

The Toronto Walk Project  

design of promotional materials

I am so proud to be part (a little part, tho) of this amazing art project presented by a fantastic team lead by my dear and talented friend Bruce Baklarian. The Toronto Art Project is a visual and audio documentation of a one-day walk around some of Toronto's most interesting neighbourhoods.

Bruce, the project director, explains his motivation: "The idea behind the making of this project is simply to celebrate the beautiful city we live in, the Toronto Walk Project is the platform where one can view and/or hear some of the city’s streets, colours, citizens, stories, sounds, and all the small nuances that make it so unique. Come along, walk your city!"

One day, five areas, one city, five teams. Hundreds of photographs and many hours of recording material. Over a year of hard work. The result is an extraordinary journey through the photos and recordings of ten amazing photographers and sound recordist/reporters. This amazing and inspiring project celebrates the great city of Toronto. A city I'm in love with and that I love to walk!

You can take a look (and take a listen) now by visiting:
Or, if you are lucky enough to be in town, I do invite you to go to Gallery1313 today, August 23rd, starting at 7 pm. to the opening reception and on Saturday, August 25th to the artist talk. If you cannot make it, no worries! The exhibition will be on until September 2nd.

As for my participation, well, you can credit me for that big red sun embracing Toronto landscape!

visit to see my work

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