January 17, 2010

My Quest to get an Art Rep - II

gathering info
digital painting

As I said before, my quest is guided by the Escapee from EFII. Keeping that in mind, I have narrowed my focus, and good thing I did! Just googling "art rep" gave me over 29 million possibilities. I know just a few of those are viable possibilities, but still, 29 million is a BIG number if you ask me. So I'm going for reps focusing on children's books/magazines illustrations. And that gave me a start.

Reaching for my primitive side.
Deep in my genetic memory I'm sure there is something about gathering, because that's the next thing I'm doing: Gathering information (hence the illustration). Tons of it!
I'm not looking into details, admiring portfolios, recognizing names, I'm just gathering, period!

I will be back here, posting my progress and, hopefully, a first run of candidates... Hmm, that sounded political. Now I'm just hoping I don't end up with a winner that will behave like a politician (no offense): Too much talk and little action ;o)

See you soon!


wahzill said...

Just found your blog...and I'm glad I did! Your art is badass!! I love it! I'm learning digital painting right now...it's fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Mark said...

hey, miss machete
I understand what you are going through once I get back home I will have to be doing the same

it isn't an easy task looking for an agent(you could try localising your search) either way it is very time consuming

I just did a job for someone and I spent so much time on trying to sort the pay deadlines etc I think I spent more time on that than the actual work- I think an agent /rep would definitely take the hassle of this to free you up more creatively

are u on flickr too?
your posts are cool :)

I love your drawings