January 13, 2010

My Quest to get an Art Rep

sketch - huh?

After some consideration, I've decided to start looking for an art rep. Getting work, making contacts, following up, networking, contracts, etc. requires time. It is a business after all, and right now I have no such time. I am going to let the knowledgeable help me out. Now, getting an art rep is not a matter of looking up one on the yellow pages, so I'm calling it a quest.

Where to start? Getting informed! and my timing cannot have been better. The Escapee from Escape from Illustration Island is yet again, right there, sharing his wisdom.

Wish me luck!


Matteo said...

Hey Miss,
my best wishes for a great 2010 and... yeah, of course good luck! ^_-


Lisa Graves said...

I've been doing the same thing!! Its quite maddening! Not sure what to do. Good luck.